Meet the Entrepreneurial Couple Behind Rug & Weave

Meet the Entrepreneurial Couple Behind Rug & Weave


I knew about Rug & Weave long before I became serious about interior decorating, so I keenly remember that Sarah and Svein have been killing it at establishing their brand since day one. This inspiring business couple has some serious eyes for design. Interweaving their passion for interior decor with their longstanding business skills, they created Rug & Weave, an online haven for bohemian lovers to get their hands on handmade, one-of-a-kind items from all around the world. And get this-- Sarah and Svein have traveled to most of the places where their items originated. Talk about a dream! 

If you want to start a business with a significant other or dream about traveling the world while working online, go on and check out their amazing journey below!


From Turkish and Moroccan rugs to mudcloth throws from Ghana, this couple has it all on their beautiful online shop


I remember gazing at these photos feeling so inspired. I couldn't wait to redecorate my room so I can wake up in a place like this. It's absolutely stunning!


Did you know? Sarah and Svein have done all of their product stylings themselves since day one! 


Me: Your collections are absolutely amazing! What inspired you to start curating and selling handmade vintage textiles?

R&W: This is a great question and one we are often asked! Honestly, it all started with a rug for our bathroom. We are always finding something to renovate within our home and next up was our bathroom. The vision we had involved clean, crisp whites, slate tiles, walnut accents and a bold and geometric kilim rug. Finding that rug at an affordable price within Canada was so difficult and just when we thought we would have to change our design, we decided to start shopping from the source. Luckily, we found our rug but also found a new opportunity to provide Canadians, and others around the globe with beautiful handmade rugs at affordable prices. We are avid travellers and so it's been a lot of fun curating products from the various parts of the world that we've travelled to. We've also been lucky to have successfully expanded beyond rugs into other home decor items such as pillows, throws and wall decor. 

Me: Have you ever traveled to Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia, or any of the other places where some of your gorgeous textiles were made? If so, how was that experience?

R&W: Yes, we've been very fortunate to have travelled to many of the places we source products from. In terms of regions we curate products, we've travelled to Morocco, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Turkey is on our bucket list and hopefully we'll make it over there within the next year or two! Our experiences during each trip have been wonderful and the people in each country are so warm and friendly. We are very lucky to have such wonderful artisan partners overseas.

Me: This is a hard question, but if you had to choose your favorite collection, which one would it be?

R&W: Hmm, I would have to say Pillows, however Svein would definitely choose the rugs. He really has a great knack for choosing styles and colours that our customers will love and I can never have too many pillows!

Me: It must be a dream to get to work with your spouse on something that you're both passionate about. What are your favorite parts about working together?

R&W: It has honestly been the best experience. He is my best friend, my husband and my business partner. I think the most important thing we have learned through this experience is to each have distinct roles and responsibilities with the business. Svein handles all of the sales, wholesale opportunities, product photography and rug purchasing, while I get to do all the fun stuff! haha The marketing/ brand direction, collection design and curation and shipping is handled by myself. Having this divide allows each of us to own our respective roles and not get into each other's hair too much. ;) Work:life balance is also important to us and knowing when to turn off technology and enjoy our weekends at home really ensures we are effective and efficient when back in the studio. 

Me: Where do you see Rug & Weave within the next 5 years?

R&W: This is the million dollar question! We honestly mull over this thought every day. We'd like to own a flagship store in Guelph and perhaps expand into other metropolitan markets. We'd also like to expand into other lines of home decor such a furniture. Ultimately, we want to continue to build our brand as a trusted, go-to resource for anyone that's looking to add unique, handmade products to their home. 

Me: Any spoilers for the next collection?

R&W: We haven't mentioned this to anyone yet so you'll be the first! We will be launching a Kitchen & Bath collection this spring, along with a Nursery collection. As an expecting mom, I have a newfound perspective on what it's like to style a nursery and hunt out all of the beautiful items needed to make the little ones space unique and welcoming. Our nursery collection will focus on textiles, handmade wooden toys & wall decor, as well as beautiful knit baby accessories. I'm pretty excited for this collection, in particular. 

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