Get to Know Kate Fenning, the Designer and Owner of Yorkelee Prints

I came across Kate's Instagram page a few months ago and was absolutely enamored by her sleek and artistic prints. More so than just her artworks, I was also intrigued by her awesome personality - Kate is a rockstar mom! In between taking care of the boys and working on her creative projects, Kate always finds the time to jam out and have some good old fun with her killer dance moves. I decided to interview Kate so you can get to know her awesome personality as well as learn how she got started as an independent business owner. Kate now has a following of over 100,000 people! One look at her products and you'll see why. Here are a few of my favorite prints from her shop:

Me: First of all, you are absolutely hilarious and you're so real. I think that's why many people are attracted to your platform-- other than the fact that your prints and styling are incredible, of course. How did you find your own 'voice' in this crowded industry?

Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoy reading our posts and following our story. Ahhh tough question! I've never believed in blending in or just following the crowd, it bores me. The evolution of the Yorkelee brand was a very organic process. I wanted to create a brand that people would just ‘need’ to have in their homes, something exciting, edgy, on-trend, I wanted our brand brand to be about more than just the products, I wanted people to connect with it emotionally and feel good when they see something from us.

The brand has evolved with me as I have learnt, grown and constantly changed with the industry rather than fighting against it. It wasn’t a conscious decision to connect the brand with me personally, it just happened. I enjoy sharing insight into our life and business, making people laugh and I feel that it is important for followers to see and remember that we are real people! 

Me: Your company, Yorkelee Prints, offer some of the most gorgeous prints I've seen to date! Did you make these illustrations yourself or do you work with various artisans?

Yes, I do all the designs in house myself using our own materials. We do collaborate with stylists, such as @the_stables where Catherine takes beautiful photos of flowers and I digitally enhance them and convert them into prints. We love collaborating with stylists in this way, but we don’t currently sell any other artists work.

Me: How has your style and design evolved over the years?

So so much! I feel like I’ve expanded and mastered more design, styling and photography skills over the years, which has helped our style grow, change and stay relevant. I believe in constant change and improvement, not only to challenge myself, but also stay ahead with the industry trends and the ever changing online platform.

Me: What are your pet peeves?

I try and stay positive. I don’t have time for drama, bitchiness or whinging people. I think that it is so easy to get caught up in the online drama with other stores and accounts, when this happens you loose focus on what you’re trying to achieve and fall behind. I also don’t think it’s healthy to get too engaged in the online world 24/7, it can consume you, it’s all about balance. 

Me: What inspires you the most? 

Anyone that is super talented at what they do, no matter what it is. I get inspired and intrigued by people that are passionate and ridiculously good at what they do. I honestly believe that if you’re doing what you love and what you’re good at, it’s not hard work and you’ll do well. It’s identifying that passion and having the drive to constantly challenge yourself to be better that most people find difficult. 

Me: What piece of advice would you give your babies if any of them ever wanted to get into the design industry?

Don’t think, just do. We are the only ones that stop ourselves from achieving what we want, it’s a mindset and all about a positive attitude.

Kate Fenning is a mother, designer, and owner of the Scandinavian home decor shop, Yorkelee. Follow Kate's gorgeous Instagram feed and check out her shop here!

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