The 7 Best Seattle Foods You Have to Try


Seattle prides itself for being an understated community of coffee connoisseurs, Pike Place lovers and foodies. Hence, the city is home to thousands of diverse, delicious restaurants. From Korean-fusion to millennial-themed biscuit restaurants, this place has got it all. Let's dive into it!

1. Pho Bac

Needless to say, I had to try one of Seattle's best pho restaurants before starting my day. Pho Bac combines the perfect amount of hearty broth, good quality meat, and tender noodles to create the pho bowl of your dreams. I wouldn't say it's the BEST pho I've ever tried because 1) Mom's pho is always the best and 2) I prefer the thicker, even more tender noodles. But it was definitely a great bowl of pho. 4/5


The ambiance was super chill as well!


Here we see some Vietnamese art/decor:


2. Chan Seattle

Located near Pike Place, Chan Seattle is a Korean-fusion experience that you don't want to miss. Their bulgogi beef sliders are to DIE for. I could eat about four of them myself. There were several dishes that we couldn't get to try this time, but I'll definitely be returning to Chan. 4.5/5 


The braised short ribs were also mouth-watering.


The kimchi fried rice was good, but I would rather substitute it for more beef sliders tbh. :)


They have amazing drinks! I forgot the name of this one but it had ginger and grapefruit. Soo refreshing!

3. Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

I'm not even a Greek yogurt fanatic and I still fell head over heels for this place. If you're in Pike Market, you have to try Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt. It's unlike any Greek yogurt you'll ever get to try. It's extra creamy and rich with all the great aspects of Greek yogurt, multiplied by 3. Just look at their Yelp reviews. People are not lying. 5/5


The assortment of flavors! My favorites were the Muesli and the Berry - combined. It's amazing.

4. Biscuit B*tch

Despite the initial vulgarity in the title, there's nothing appalling about the food they produce at all. I LOVED my biscuit. Bish. 4/5


5. Elliott's Oyster House

This seafood restaurant is located right along the pier, so after a nice stroll, you can settle down at a comfy booth and enjoy all the fresh seafood you want. Everything was delicious. 4/5


I love their salted caramel sundae!

6. Mashiko Sushi

Mashiko is hailed as one of Seattle's best sushi restaurants for a reason. Since we wanted to experience the best of what they had to offer, we opted for the omakase. Was not disappointed. 5/5


The salmon and octopus were my fave!!!


I love the poke!!!


Rainbow trout, I believe? This one was just off the charts.

7. Facing East

If you're in the mood for Taiwanese, head to Bellevue for Facing East. It's just an all-around great Taiwanese restaurant, rivaling LA's Pine and Crane... which is saying something! 3.5/5


Minced pork with rice <3


Spicy wontons. 5/5


Beef rolls!! So soft and yarmy. 4/5


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