10 Bucket List Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

Portland is definitely a unique city to visit! I can write pages about this place, but I'll sum it up in a few bullet points for you guys:

  • Summers are much hotter than you'd expect! Think high 80's :P
  • I've never seen so many white bus drivers and white chefs in oriental restaurants before
  • Most homes and office buildings grow bright-colored rhododendrons 
  • There are cute doggos everywhere
  • No traffic
  • No taxes
  • Plenty of events for such a small city (there's something for everyone)
  • Diverse food options
  • Transportation is uber cheap (pun intended)
  • Friendly atmosphere

Now, to be fair, not everything on this list is strictly within the bounds of Portland, but if you're in the city, you'd might as well check out the surrounding areas as well! If I had more time here, I would've definitely visited a few more places... but I'll save that for next time! ;) If you're ready, let's dive into it!

1. Go Tubing Down the Clackamas River

The Clackamas River is truly a beauty that you have to check out when you're here in the spring or summer. Be careful, though, because if you come on the first few days of summer, the river might be a little stronger than normal donut tubes can handle. Trust me, I learned the hard way. I'll be sure to write a separate article about that story later, but bring a life jacket to the Clackamas just in case. On a calm day, you'll feel like you're cruising down a natural lazy river. On a crazy hot day, you'll feel like you're in the middle of the raging ocean with nothing but a donut floaty. Either way, the view is gorgeous!!! Just make sure to keep yourself alive to appreciate it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Btw, my adorable palm romper set is part of Tobi's new collection! It's absolutely perfect for the summer :) Check it out!!

2. Visit Powell's City of Books 

Powell's City of Books is just somethin' else! With a full 5-star rating and over 3,000 reviews on Yelp, this book city truly lives up to its name. It doesn't look like much from the outside and when you first enter, but boy, will you be in for a surprise. It contains eight color-coded rooms for all the different genres of books that it carries. Even if you don't like to read, you should still check out Powell's for their lavish display of clever cards, cheap art prints, organic tea, and other amazing souvenirs.

My floral romper was also from Tobi's new summer collection! Super comfy and trendy!!

3. Try Voodoo Doughnuts

Walking into Voodoo Doughnuts is like walking into a donut-themed Spencer's. All the products and decorations were super clever and entertaining! Not to mention, the donuts were amazing! I love the voodoo guy and the m&ms flavors. Make sure you try a few different flavors so you don't miss out! 

Soo yummy and unique!!! I highly recommend this peculiar little donut shop. Check out their newest flavors here before you go!

4. Rent a Bike to Explore Downtown

These orange bikes are all around the city, and you can rent them through the Biketown app for $2.50 per 30-minute ride (I believe there are better deals the longer the ride). You can rent them for the whole day for only $12! It's super worthwhile because it's such a sweet way to explore the city.

5. Go to the Saturday Market

The Saturday market should really be called the Weekend market because it's Sat & Sun, but nonetheless, you have to check this place out! So much entertainment for kids and adults alike. The entire market is composed of food stands and booths with local handmade items. It's a dream come true!

I tried to capture the artisans in these photos so you can see for yourself! Some of them actually make their crafts on the spot!

6. Visit the Smallest Park in the World

Right down the street from the Saturday market is Mills End Park, or the smallest park in the world! Stretching a whole 2 ft. in diameter, this park provides exactly zero shade but all the quirkiness in the world! Would I come here again? Absolutely! Why not? The park is constantly updated with new decorations. Sometimes, there are even mini benches, picnic baskets and protestors (LOL), although we only saw tiny critters this time (pictured below).

So. Portland. ❤

7. Visit the Apple Store

If there's any place where you should impulsively buy Apple products, it's in Portland. Two words: no taxes. Since there was a little *cough* accident *cough* on the Clackamas River, I paid a visit to the beautiful Apple store and bought myself a new iPhone. Apple partnered with HIV/AIDS programs to create the red iPhone 7 in order to raise awareness and funds for these organizations. Each purchase contributes to Global Funds to support HIV/AIDS programs! It's like paying negative taxes because you get to help others with your purchase ^_^.

The Apple store itself is worth a visit because of its incredible modern design. You're surrounded by glass, so the whole store feels completely spacious and relaxing.

8. Go Hunt for Glass Floats

The Finders Keepers event in Lincoln City is like one huge Easter egg hunt for adults! The point is to find a handmade glass float. Each one is numbered, so you can register it once you find it and you'll receive a certificate! Lincoln City is about 2 hours away from Portland, but it's a very scenic drive and the fun adventure makes it worthwhile! Just rent a car from ReachNow, park it at Mo's, and take a stroll on the shores! Look at all these people looking for floats:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find one, but I found someone who did! Look at this cutie and her little glass float :)

9. Take a Stroll Down Alberta St.

The Alberta Arts District is the perfect avenue for tourists who want the full Portland experience. From colorful murals to hipster bars and brunches, this long street has got it all. 

Check out this gnarly line for Salt & Straw Ice Cream!

10. Shop Till You Drop!!

Finally, what's Portland without shopping?! This is the place for you to stock up on necessities, so feel free to wander around Pioneer Place and buy all of your future essentials! I got new sunnies, makeup, shoes, and a few more neat items. Haul post coming soon!! ^_^

Here's the geode art print I bought from Powell's:

Did you find this article helpful in any way? Feel free to comment your thoughts on Portland below!

Outfits by Tobi