25th Birthday Girls-Only Road Trip!


Rather than celebrating on my actual 25th birthday, I decided to make the entire month of August an adventure-filled quarter-century celebration instead! For the first week of August, I visited the breathtaking Castello di Amorosa. For the second week, I ate my heart out in Seattle, Washington. For the third week, I went to none other than VEGAS with my closest girlfriends! We had a pretty chill weekend there because we're all homebodies, but nonetheless... I thought you'd appreciate some of the cool photos and recommendations!

IMG_3804 (1).jpg

We all met up at church before road tripping to Nevada in my Honda Accord Coupe. We got there in about 4 hours on a Friday. Not too bad!


These are some of my baes! Top photo, from left to right: Karen, Evelyn, Natalie, Maya, and me!


Since we all dislike the taste of hard liquor, we brought sparkling wine instead! LOL! But it took a total of four girls to uncork each bottle >_<.


One of my fave things to do was to just chill in the humongous pool at Caesar's Palace with my girls and my Sudio headphones 8)! 


When you're in an environment where there's no speakers in sight and water is splashing everywhere, you can't really have your phone out if you want to listen to music! That's why I lovee my white Regent Sudio headphones ^_^ They operate on bluetooth, so you're completely cordless! 


The vibes were GREAT! 8) 


When you travel with girls and you're not ready, you'll run the risk of being left out of selfies xD


How cute are the headphones?! You can purchase them here :). Feel free to use the code "GIRLANDTHEWORD" for 15% off your order!


My besties <3


This tropical swimsuit was from Zaful!


Next came brunch at the Mon Ami Gabi! French food is my favorite type of food ^_^


Brunch was bomb.com! After our Vegas trip, we visited the Seven Magic Mountains art installation for a quick photoshoot! It was only 20-ish minutes away from Vegas!


My girls <3 we are all variations of NFJs lool all of us are either INFJs or ENFJs. Totally unexpected how we naturally just clustered together!!


Here's my birthday memorandum:

It's only been a year since God has healed me from my past trauma, but I'm now in a place where I could never have imagined before. The thing is that when you're going through a season of extreme depression and anxiety, you simply cannot imagine being in a better place emotionally. It clouds all of your hopes and optimism for a better future. That's why some people choose to give up-- they cannot, for the life of them, imagine a better way to live. But I'm so thankful that I held on because all my prayers have been answered within the last year (and at such perfect timing as well)! Now, in retrospect, I can see why it was necessary for me to go through the trauma that I did for the last two years. 

Through the suffering and incredible discomfort, God unveiled the parts of me that needed to be healed. I had only masked them up before. He wanted them exposed in order to properly heal them. He introduced me to one great friend at a time, each one serving such a powerful purpose during the different stages of my exposition. I'd like to thank them right here: Pisacha, for showing me unconditional love and affection when I was alone and misunderstood, Karen, who treated me like her own blood-related sister and gave me such an enormous amount of support that ushered me into healing, Maya, who remained my gentle voice of reason when I was confused and anxious, and my boss, for believing in me when I needed it most and for encouraging me to restore my creative passions. You all played such an instrumental part in my healing process, whether or not you were aware of it. Thank you so much for being my pillars, and as an extension of which, thank you for saving my life.