Fun Foods at the Tsukiji Fish Market!

Fun Foods at the Tsukiji Fish Market!

The Tsukiji Fish Market is an absolute wonder because of all the interesting treats you can find lying around every corner. From fresh wasabi stems to grapes that taste like grape soda, the Tsukiji Market is where you need to go if you're ever in Tokyo!


Open from 5 AM to 3 PM, this is a fish market that never sleeps. People come here early in the morning for sushi and, to be honest, I know why. There's a huge selection of food and everything is so dang good! 


Minus the fish head.


The chefs are all in high spirits, waiting for their next wonderful creation to sell!


BEHOLD: shellfish of every kind~


Ready-to-eat oysters the size of my hand!


Baby octopus! So sad and yet so good!


Fresh wasabi <3_<3 you won't be able to find this stuff in the U.S., unless you go to a super bougie sushi restaurant. Even then, they might try to give you horseradish instead!

eat-tsu23 copy.JPG

Our breakfast consisted of a cooked bowl of chirashi. Sooo yummms.


This crunchy vegetable katsu was yarrrmmmy too. I want more of it already!!! I love how their fried foods are not greasy at all. How did they make it!?


A stash of uni. I'll just leave it there.


A giant slice of tamago!


Expensive cantaloupes are everywhere in the marketplace! Who actually buys these?! 5,000 yen is the equivalent of $44 USD.

eat-tsu23423 copy.JPG

These are the grapes I was talking about!!! They seriously taste like grape soda. It was an absolute trip. The consistency was also super interesting. Imagine eating gummies that tasted like grape soda. I bought a chunk of these almost every day!


Finally, you have the wonderful cremia cone <3. Cremia was the yummiest soft serve I've ever had!! 😍 Normal soft serve usually consists of 8% milk, but Cremia has 12.5% Hokkaido milk and 25% heavy whipped cream, topped by a delicious cookie cone. It's INCREDIBLY milky! I can eat it on the daily!


The next time you're in Tokyo, stop by Tsukiji Market in the AM and experience the hustle and bustle of the economic culture of Japan! Remember to go on an empty stomach-- you have been forewarned!

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