Venice Canals

Venice Canals

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, ya'll! Mom and I decided to be tourists in our own county and explored the notorious Venice Canals! Yep, we basically spent Thanksgiving dreaming about living in one of these multi-million dollar homes, lol. No regrets.

When you're here, take advantage of the location and check out what's nearby! It's close to everything-- Venice Beach, the Boardwalk, the Mosaic Tile House, you name it! Anyway, here's a splendid view of the Venice Canals:


I think we crossed all the bridges here because we were that intrigued. Lol!


This picture doesn't do it justice, but I can't even imagine how beautiful this backyard must look like at night. Do you see all of those old-town style lights hung under the enormous tree? What a poetic place to live. 


There were a few houses that bred ducks here. Amazing!


She thought of this pose first hahaha : ) I'm glad she had as much fun as I did.


Just a really weird flower bud :).


This was my favorite house on the block! It reminded me of Bali.


Hehe :) just another pose with another bridge. I love these white bridges.

Fun fact: This picturesque place made a cameo in the movie, Valentines Day.


How cool is this little art piece?!


This was definitely the most colorful house I've ever seen! I mistook it for a cafe at first.


And what's Thanksgiving without a proper dinner, right? Since we are hardcore Vietnamese folks, we decided to have Oc & Lau for dinner. Translation: Snails!! YUM LOL


Snails and clams have long been a huge part of the Vietnamese cuisine because our country is surrounded by water. The dish above is of the "bloody clam," which  isn't bloody at all, but is absolutely delicious. Trust me-- you HAVE to try it!!!


These are coconut-flavored snails :). What I would do to eat these all day...


Aaaand finally, the delicious, freshly grilled shrimp! These were kicking around before they were skewered and grilled D:. How sad!!...but delicious.

Welps, that's all for this year's Thanksgiving :). JUST KIDDING! You didn't really think I would've stopped eating after just one feast did ja? I hope not... Thanksgiving is a grand excuse to eat more than your own weight. I don't regret it in the least. May your holidays be filled with JOY and DELICIOUSNESS! 

*Pssst* Keep an eye out for more posts in the coming days! :)

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