How to Spend One Day in LA (For Foodies)

How to Spend One Day in LA (For Foodies)

If you ever visit LA and only have one full day to explore, these are my top recommendations! Los Angeles is an incredibly diverse city with all the best restaurants in the west coast, so it would only make sense to get a taste of LA while you're out exploring :). I hope you'll enjoy my little adventure! 

I'm a firm believer of eating desserts for breakfast, so if you're like me, kick off your LA adventure at Wanderlust Creamery in Glendale :). They are known for their ube waffle cones and unique flavors, such as mango sticky rice and thai milk tea. My favorite was the matcha and black sesame seeds ^_^. So yummy!!

After you get your delicious ice cream cones, head on over to LA's Arts District to check out the Hauser & Wirth Museum! It's completely free and totally awesome :). 

I got a little distracted with these cacti but I hope you can see why, lol!

This is the lounge area inside Hauser & Wirth :). There's even a restaurant bar to keep you nice and refreshed!

The famous giant rose in the museum patio! It's growing out of my hair bun...

Isn't Maya so gorgeous?!

This is their main installation, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's interactive, thoughtful, and well put-together. I felt like it called out the aggressiveness of outbound marketing (commercials, billboards, pop-up ads, and other forms of interruptive marketing). I'm not entirely sure if this was what the artist wanted to communicate, but coming from a marketing background, that's what occurred to me at first glance :).

In the back of the museum lies a chicken coop and an outdoor garden. It's a very chill place indeed!

Hauser & Wirth is pretty small, so after you walk through the museum, feel free to check out the rest of Arts District! There are murals on every corner, as expected! :)

This is Poketo, one of my favorite little shops in the area!

Another unique store with beautiful interior decor :)

Phew! After all that walking around, you must be tired! Time to stop by Sunny Blue for some amazinggg handmade rice balls! 

As delicious as these rice balls were, they didn't fill us up... so we went and got some Korean fried chicken at OB Bear! It's now one of my favorite places ever ^_^ 

Since you're already so close to Santa Monica at this point, just bring your delicious Korean fried chicken to the beach and have a picnic!

You might be wondering why we're only posing with the chicken and not eating it... don't worry. There were only two wings left by the end of this photoshoot, LOL! 

What's a beach trip without some fun in the water? ^_^

That's all for today's adventure! I hope you'll have a blast in LA from morning to sunset :). Feel free to like this post or leave a comment below if it helped you in any way!

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