Exploring the Wildlife Learning Center

Exploring the Wildlife Learning Center

What's a better way to spend your Saturday morning than to check out the local wildlife center? I'm absolutely enamored by this sweet attraction! I bought tickets to the Wildlife Learning Center on Groupon a few months ago and I finally got the chance to visit today. I had a great time! And I was surprised to learn that it was literally right off the 210 freeway! It was interesting to see cars zooming by on the freeway while giraffes and zebras freely roam by LOL. It was the perfect place for kids and adults who love animals!

My sista and I were pretty giddy with excitement to see what's in store-- and we were not disappointed!

One of the first animals we saw was this gorgeous blue-and-yellow macaw. He was free to roam around as he pleased :).

*WARNING* From this point on, there are going to be a lot of *nopes* xD

This green snake was named Mortey... he cracks me up! Just look at that face LOL! "Just kill me."

And take a look at our chubby amphibian friends here! Above, you have the African bullfrog. He was the biggest frog I've ever seen! African bullfrogs actually spend most of their time underground, waiting for the rainy season to come. Below, you have the crazy looking Red Tegu, named Sweetcheeks. They're from Argentina and are omnivores like us!

Above are the bundles of *nopes*. Below is Daisy Mae, the Reticulated Python. She can lay up to 60 eggs at a time and her species can grow up to 25 ft-- holding the record as the longest specie of snake in the world. 

These are the shed skins of various reptiles. And, if you can tell, I'm trying very hard to display my Good Works bracelets in those photos. I'm not even going to beat around the bush-- Good Works is now one of my favorite social-conscious brands! They make the cutest accessories and 25% of their proceeds go directly to funding clean water projects and building schools for the needy. Check them out

Aren't these squirrel monkeys the cutest furballs you've ever seen?! I wanted to cuddle them ^_^.

Above is the adorable fennec fox. ❤❤❤

Some cute bobcats basking in the SoCal warmth ^_^.

Here is mister (or missus) ombre sloth! He/she was doing a really funny dance while hanging on the ceiling. I loved it!

Yep, you're seeing it right. BALD EAGLES are at this Wildlife Learning Center! WHAT?! They were absolutely huge birds. Much magnificent. I had never seen a bald eagle in person before, much less two of them. Majestic wows.

They also had HUGEEE Sulcata tortoises. I had a Sulcata once while I was in college. He was about the size of my palm. If I kept him, he would've grown up to be as big as these guys! The largest was about 3 ft in length. My goodness.

The loner tortoise xD

This was right before I heard, "Miss, please don't touch the tortoises." Whoops x)

On the way out, you can even grab yourself a pet rock! Hah! 

I had such a lovely time at the Wildlife Learning Center with my sister. I highly recommend that you bring your loved ones here for a nice and chill day out! It's all super kid-friendly, completed with animal meet-and-greets (which we couldn't stay for), and all sorts of neat programs. 

Check out Good Works and get your own feel-good bracelet here!

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