Exploring Downtown LA & Universal CityWalk

Exploring Downtown LA & Universal CityWalk

I don't get to see my love too often because we're both quite busy, so we try to make the most out of our weekends. This past weekend, we decided to hang out in Downtown LA prior to going on a double date at Universal CityWalk.


To dress for the occasion, I paired my favorite Elevated Faith shirt with a checkered pencil skirt and opaque tights. This casual ensemble was both comfortable and versatile. I can easily dress this shirt up or down with my other pieces and accessories. Because of its versatility, I was able to wear it multiple times for a variety of different occasions. You can purchase it here!


Behold, my handsome boi and personal photographer! ^_^


The one thing I absolutely love about Downtown is its myriad of street art and murals. LA does such a great job at encouraging up-and-coming artists to exercise their talents!


You've read it right-- my Elevated Faith shirt says, "Keep the Faith"! How sweet is that? Here are a few more of my favorite designs from EF. You can click on the products that appeal to you for more details:


After checking out the gorgeous murals around the city, we decided to do some work at Philz Coffee (see below). Such a great atmosphere for studying and getting work done!


Philz was a sweet little break from walking around. I especially enjoyed their Mocha Tesora! Soo yummay ^__^ Afterwards, we met up with our friends at Karl Strauss inside Universal CityWalk.


Unfortunately, the waiting time was close to an hour... but that gave us time to walk around and enjoy the CityWalk!


They had a flight simulation machine here! I definitely didn't remember this the last time I visited...


It was pleasant to find crowds of people gathering around the water-spewing area (I'm not sure what to call this) to watch children and their parents try to run through without getting caught in the water. I should note that the temperature was in the mid 60's. These people were bold!


To speed up the waiting process, we got some delicious, fresh donuts from Sparky's. It was nice and crispy on the outside and super decadent on the inside I loveddd itttt. You can literally get a 'tub' of these! Can you see the miniature tub to the right? x)


Finally seated at Karl Strauss! Yaaaarrrmmmm.


Ended the night with a nice portrait with my sweetheart... with a master photobomber in the background x). Since it was chilly, I just threw on a heather gray jacket I bought in Japan. The Elevated Faith shirt could literally be paired with anything - it's so easy to wear! I highly encourage you to check out Elevated Faith's website and support the awesome work that they're doing. Some of my favorite items are actually their stone bracelets, shown below. I'll link these products as well so you can check them out for yourself!

Be sure to follow Elevated Faith on their various platforms! You won't regret it:

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