5 Creative Ways to Have Fun at the Lake Elsinore Super Bloom!


My mom and I visited the Lake Elsinore super bloom over the weekend and we had some major fun! If you're thinking about checking it out, go soon because these California poppies won't be around past April! Here are some important details that will help you have a great time:

  • California poppies love the sun, so the petals stay closed on cloudy days and in the evenings. Don't come too late!
  • Don't make the same mistakes I did... wear comfortable shoes because these flowers are on the mountainside!
  • There are beautiful patches of flowers all along the 15 N near Lake Ave, so don't feel the need to go all the way up Walker Canyon :)
  • If you forgot your selfie stick, don't worry. They sell it up there. LOL!

Without further ado, let's dive into this adventure! 5 creative ways to have fun at the super bloom:

1. Have a photoshoot

This one's a no-brainer, but if you're surrounded by gorgeous blooms, why not include yourself in the picture?! If there's any backdrop that will get you past the 100-like mark, it's this one ;)!


2. Brush up on your landscape photography skills

It's not every day that we get to see bright, wild patches of our state flower pop up on the luscious hillsides, especially after a long drought! Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your landscape photography skills :)!


3. Have a picnic

Since this place is right off the 15 North, there's not too much walking and trekking involved. Feel free to bring your picnic basket and have a blast!


Just watch where you sit. I sat directly on a sharp rock (pictured below) because it was hidden underneath the grass :(. It almost punctured my butt cheek.


4. People watch

If there's one thing more interesting than these beautiful blooms, it's the people interacting with it! While enjoying our picnic, my mom and I saw several people taking selfies with drones (pictured below), a girl who frolicked in the flowers for a photo and got chased by bees, and a guy who brought a bubble machine to create manual bubble effects for his pictures, just to name a few. It was so fun to watch everyone enjoy themselves!

 A couple taking a selfie via drone

A couple taking a selfie via drone

 A guy using a bubble blower to add cool manual effects

A guy using a bubble blower to add cool manual effects

5. Make a flower crown

With the abundance of wildflowers available, why not make a flower crown (or even a wreath)!? I should warn you, though, that the California poppy is a state flower and should be left alone unless you want to risk a small fine. Does anyone know if these hills count as state property? Anyhow, I picked a few weeds and purple wildflowers growing on the side of the road to make this little flower crown :).


That's all! Feel free to pin this post if you want! I can't wait to see your photos at the super bloom!

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