A Visit to the Museum of Ice Cream

I took my mom to the famous pop-up Museum of Ice Cream after hearing so many great things about it, and it definitely did not disappoint! It can be difficult to buy tickets because they sell out in minutes, so I recommend that you just buy them on Craigslist! ^_^ Even celebrities like Beyonce and her adorable family came here for a fun Mother's Day celebration. Needless to say, my mom had a blast!

One of the cool perks about this museum, aside from the interactive installations, is the fact that you get to try different flavors of ice cream and candies throughout! They were actually really yummy :)!

I don't know if this was the intended concept behind this whole museum, but it felt as though visitors were meant to be a part of the art itself. EVERYONE who comes here takes tons of selfies and photos because this place was just made for it. As a result, we become the very artwork of consumerism itself. I felt like I was oddly exploiting myself, but in a really "woke" way. LOL!

Mi madre and I ❤ How GORGEOUS is this wallpaper?! I kind of want it for my own room ^_^.

Of course, I had to use this opportunity to rock my EcoWish tropical romper! It kinda matches the background, too!

I think I liked this flavor the most! I totally forgot what it was called, but I'm determined to find out because it was delicious.

No idea how they hung up soo many friggin bananas! But I love it!!

Mamabear ❤ heheh

We get a handful of gummy bears at the gummy bear exhibit! ^_^

Charcoal flavored cookie dough on an ice cream cone ❤_❤

This was the mint room! The mint herbs were planted in cocoa soil-- mmm!!

I think the sprinkles pool was my favorite exhibition. Imagine jumping into a shallow pool of fine rice. It felt so funny!

We ended the night with some tacos at the taco truck parked right behind the museum (smart move, taco guys)! Without exaggerating by any means, these were the softest, juiciest tacos I've ever had. Three of them was enough to make me full-- and that never happens! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our fun adventure at the Museum of Ice Cream! Feel free to give this post a "like" if you thought it was entertaining or helpful in some way! ^_^

Outfit: Tropical romper by EcoWish. Comfortable, fashionable, and affordable!

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