4 Unique Places to Visit in the Bay Area

4 Unique Places to Visit in the Bay Area

From San Mateo to South San Francisco, I found some awesome and unique places up north to share with you guys! I went to school up here so the touristy areas just doesn't do it for me anymore. If the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf are both old news to you, then you've come to the right place. Get ready to have the perfect day exploring NorCal!

1. Eat chicken and waffles at Tigerlily (Berkeley)

This place has the coolest atmosphere and the best chicken and waffles ever. Think soul food mixed with Indian cuisine. It's the perfect Berkeley combination. My mouth is still watering looking at those perfectly crispy chicken, fluffy waffles, and creamy tika masala sauce. Even though they kind of skimped out on the chicken, Tigerlily was still an extraordinary dining experience. You have to try it!


2. Explore the Purisma Creek Redwoods Reserve (Redwood City)

After eating that incredible meal, we decided to go for a walk amongst the gorgeous redwoods. If you're up north, you've just got to check out these gigantorrr trees. The experience is pretty surreal. Purisma Creek is a little difficult to navigate, but the entire ride is filled with gorgeous scenery, so take your time! There are also banana slugs everywhere! I love this place.


3. Catch the rainbow at Crystal Springs (San Mateo)

San Mateo seems to rain quite a bit during fall, winter, and spring, so finding a rainbow across Crystal Springs is a pretty regular occurrence. The experience was profoundly calm, peaceful, and serene. Take a book with you down to Sawyer Camp Trail, where you'll be right next to the water, and you'll be set!

 A hauntingly beautiful view

A hauntingly beautiful view

4. Eat fancy sushi at Koo

Alright, Koo is officially my new favorite sushi restaurant of all time. Considering how much we ordered, we only paid around $50 each-- which is what we usually pay at "cheaper" sushi restaurants anyway. The experience was insane. I hardly ever use that word to describe food, but damn, that Spoonful of Happiness (the actual name of the dish) blew me away. I had to convince my sister to eat it faster because she was savoring every bite and it took forever! Hahaha. Not to mention, the location was absolutely perfect-- tons of surrounding restaurants and cool SF things to play with, like this random swing at the street corner :). Make sure to book your reservations before you go to Koo! 


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