3 Insta-Worthy Locations in San Gabriel Valley!


San Gabriel Valley isn't the first thing people think of when they want to take Instagram-worthy photos, but there are so many gems in this valley that you really don't want to miss! The cool stuff aren't just in downtown LA-- they're right in our hometowns. So, if you're ever in the valley, stop by these places to eat delicious meals and take all the photos your heart desires! :)

1. The Promenade at Westfield Santa Anita

Santa Anita just opened a beautiful outdoor food court near Nordstrom, with murals and interactive props for Instagrammers like us. This was a brilliant renovation on their part because it's bringing so many young people back to the mall (online shopping took over for a while). Head over to the Promenade at Santa Anita on an empty stomach so you can spend the afternoon eating soft-shell crab hamburgersmatcha ice cream, shop till you drop, and take a ton of fun photos with the props!


Indoors was beautiful as well! I loved their vibrant butterfly origami exhibition. 


Shout out to Urban CoCo for my super comfortable teal dress!

2. Old Town Pasadena

Old Town Pasadena is hands-down one of my favorite go-to places for food, fun, and photography! Trust me, guys. There are so many great nooks here for a photoshoot. I only captured one alleyway in these photos, but you can visit the historical landmark/city hall or just take a stroll down Colorado and discover a completely hidden photo site on your own. In Old Town Pasadena, it's actually hard to find a non-photogenic spot.


If you look closely, you'll see that the girl right behind me was taking photos as well. Lol! 


Once again-- just a random little alleyway that we came across. Love it!!


You can finish your trip at the refreshing Intelligentsia cafe. I love their matcha latte and desserts!!


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2. The Huntington Library

This place was so incredibly photogenic that I created a blog post just for it! You can check it out HERE! This estate stretches across 120 acres of land, which is 1.5 times the size of Disneyland! You'll get to see gardens from around the world: Australia, Japan, Europe, China, and a dozen more. I actually created a video of my Huntington adventures as well. You can view it here!


As you can see, the scenery changes drastically from one garden to the next!


I hope you got some great ideas for your next photoshoot! 

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A Day at the Monrovian Street Fair

Amazing Gardens at the Huntington Library