The Top 6 Places to Pig Out in Seminyak, Bali

The Top 6 Places to Pig Out in Seminyak, Bali

Seminyak is a vibrant, beachy, hipster town chocked full of restaurant bars and beach clubs. It's definitely not the first place one thinks of when one pictures Bali, since everything is so westernized... but don't be fooled. The restaurants in Seminyak are absolutely delicious! I actually prefer Seminyak over Ubud overall, since it has a little bit of everything: traditional Balinese food, hipster dishes, rice paddies and gorgeous beaches. Without further ado, let's get started on the amazing restaurants I tried!

1. Wahaha


Wahaha boasts the "best pork ribs in Bali," and it's truly hard to deny this claim. I mean, we're talking about fall-off-the-bone, ultra-soft-cartilage type of barbecue ribs. I'm drooling just thinking about it! The best part is that this entire meal was only around $10. Don't let the picture fool you-- I had to share that rib rack with two other people! It's quite a substantial meal that's not at all overpriced. An overall great place for tourists and locals.

2. Sisterfields Cafe


Sisterfields is located right in the center of Seminyak Square, where all the tourists roam the streets in search for expensive hipster coffee. Despite my slight sarcasm, it's quite an adorable little cafe. The food is definitely westernized, but believe me when I say this: that tiny piece of crispy pork was better than the $50 Bestia pork dish I tried-- and it only cost me a fraction of the price. About $10 to be precise. Yes, still quite a hefty price for Bali, but totally worthwhile. It was SO DELICIOUS! #wouldeatagain

3. Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen


Sorry - I forgot to bring my nice camera to this one, but I just had to take a picture with my phone, anyway. Pak Malen was neither adorable nor hipster, but completely delicious. Be prepared to sit in the heat while eating really, really spicy Balinese food. They're known for their babi guling, which basically means roasted piglets. I know, it's terrible... but traditional Balinese food basically consists of roasted piglets and fried ducks so you can't avoid it. And maybe you don't want to... because it's actually delicious! Plus, you guessed it, this place was dirt cheap. If you want a real Balinese restaurant experience, go to Pak Malen!

4. Nalu Bowls


Nalu Bowls has delicious and healthy brunch items, like acai bowls, wraps, salads, heart-carved coconuts, and everything else your hipster heart could ever desire. Before you head off to a nice spa, take a brunch break at Nalu Bowls and try their fun dishes! Their venue was also quite charming and great for kids.

5. Ultimo


I'm not going to lie - when I heard that we were going to an Italian restaurant in Bali, my eyes rolled so far back into my skull I thought I was going to go blind. But it was damn good. I ordered the gnocchi with dory (yes, as in the fish), and let's just say I ordered it a second time before I left Bali. They also have live music at this restaurant and an AWESOME convertible roof in case it rains. I've never seen a convertible roof at a restaurant before. It was quite impressive for my peasant eyes. Oh yeah, their prices aren't bad, either! My delicious, fancy dish was only around $12.

6. Motel Mexicola


I know, I know what you're thinking... It's probably the same thing that I thought at first, too: "Why are you trying all of these other ethnic foods when you're in Indonesia?!" I understand, but Mexicola was just so darn fun and festive that I CANNOT leave it off this list. This extraordinarily well-designed, kitschy venue has a great little dance floor, funky old music, fun drinks, and absolutely electric vibes. If you're in Seminyak with a group of friends, drop by Mexicola at night and experience the amazingly festive night life in Bali. You'll find yourself asking, "Where am I right now?" along with everyone else who found themselves on a dance floor in a Mexican restaurant on this quirky Indonesian island. 

*BONUS* - Menega Cafe, Jimbaran


Menega is located in Jimbaran, not Seminyak, but it's not too far away and it's most definitely worth a visit. Skip the Jimbaran Bay Seafood Club and go to Menega. The prices are cheaper, the selections wider, and the food more delicious. Oh yeah, remember to order the clams! They were absolutely mouthwatering. In the end, you won't break your wallet on fresh Balinese seafood and you'll experience an excellent sunset for free. Menega is located right on the sandy shores of Jimbaran. Here's a photo of the Jimbaran sunset:


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