The 3 Most Glorious Sunset Locations in Bali

The 3 Most Glorious Sunset Locations in Bali

Bali, Indonesia has long been well known for its magnificent sunsets-- and I got to witness it firsthand during my 10-day stay on this lush island. If you're thinking of visiting Bali, be sure to treat your eyes to a remarkable sunset by visiting any (or all) of these locations!

1. Sunday's Beach Club, Uluwatu


Sunday's Beach Club is by far my favorite beach spot in southern Bali. The spectacular sunset was just the cherry on top, believe it or not. There's something for everyone here: clean towels, delicious food, bean bags, bonfire, beautiful shells and sea pottery, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. All you've got to do is pay the $22 (or 300,000 idr) entrance fee, and everything I mentioned is included! 


I honestly can't say enough good things about this place! The water is crystal clear (you can see small fishes swimming right under you) and the population is controlled (they only allow new groups to come down during certain hours). As a result, tourists get to enjoy everything this beach club has to offer without waddling through crowds of people. While waiting for your turn to go down to the beach, you can chill at the resort and float in gorgeous infinity pools like this:


Here's what the shoreline looks like during the daytime:


If you're a beach comber like me, here are the awesome shells,  marbles, and sea pottery I found during low tide!

If you're looking for a beach where you can spend the entire day just chillaxing and exploring, Sunday's Beach Club is definitely the place to go. Please take me with you!

2. Jimbaran Seafood, Jimbaran


Next is the famous Jimbaran seafood shoreline! What makes this shoreline so great is the fact that dozens of delicious seafood restaurants set up their tables on the sand so you can enjoy your seafood with a vibrant sunset. I highly recommend Menega Cafe for their superb seafood selection and prices. It's so much cheaper (and more flavorful) than Jimbaran Bay Seafood Club.

The interesting thing about Jimbaran is that tons of trash get washed up once a year (during December). The locals treat it like it's part of the scenery and don't care to pick up the pollution at all. When I asked the corn man why no one feels the need to clean this shoreline, he answered, "It only stays for one month and then goes away. No need to clean." Lol-- perhaps if they cleaned it each year, it wouldn't come back with a vengeance every time. The sunset still looked brilliant, but I couldn't seem to get past the fact that hundreds of pounds of trash was shimmering just below the horizon.


The colors in the sky deepened by the minute! Every shot I took looked just a little more vibrant than the last.


To end the night, local restaurants lit fireworks to elevate the atmosphere. Trash or not, this place was definitely worth a visit!


3. Rock Bar, Jimbaran


Rock Bar is one of the hip restaurant bars in Jimbaran (near Kuta). Located at the very bottom of the cliff, Rock Bar takes some resilience to get to... but once you're there, this is the view you'll see! 

Although, I should warn you: don't come during the daytime. This place was just too dang hot to enjoy. It lives up to its name because all the tables were made of stone. Stone + sun = fuming sauna. Also, the food and drinks were wayyy overpriced, so DON'T come hungry! Come at around 6 pm and bring a swimsuit to entertain yourself in the pool before the sun sets at around 7:30 pm.


Ahh, Rock Bar. It's truly a love-hate relationship. Just when I thought to myself, "This place sucks," the sunset came on and it made the arduous walk all worth it.

To see actual footage of these sunsets and more, watch this video:

Have you visited any of these locations before? If so, I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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