Saving Lives with Gret Glyer, the Founder of DonorSee

A few weeks ago, I teamed up with the all-new charity funding app called DonorSee to raise money for a displaced Cambodian family. In the original video, the family appeared to be sitting in the midst of their destroyed village with Pastor Khon Khan speaking on their behalf. You can view the heartbreaking video by clicking the screenshot below:

I was deeply stirred by this footage and I knew I had to help. To my pleasant surprise, DonorSee made it incredibly easy to spread the word and raise funds for this family. Within exactly one week, we were able to raise $1,500 for the family to rebuild their home and even have some money left over for clothes and food! ^_^ Below is the same family holding up thank you signs for their incredible donors. Please note that over 60 people donated, but not all names were mentioned (I'm sure the family tried their best!):

Behind them is their temporary shelter while their new home was being built.

Here's what the finished product looks like:

THANK YOU to all who had the heart to pray for and donate to the storm victims!! We've LITERALLY changed their lives by this small act. I can't thank the donors and the workers at DonorSee enough for making such a profound impact across the globe! This is definitely an app that I will continue to use and endorse from now on. They make giving a fun thing to do, and that's actually world-changing! Just imagine seeing the direct impact of your funds sent directly to your phone after your project has been completed. This app has made all of it possible.

I was so impressed by DonorSee that I decided to do an interview with its amazing founder, the young entrepreneur and humanitarian, Gret Glyer. Find out how he got started with DonorSee below!

Me: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your passions, and how you got started with app development?

Gret: I lived in Malawi, Africa for 3 years where I worked with the world's poorest people-- people who lived on a dollar a day. As someone who comes from a wealthy family, I was in shock with how different my life and opportunities were. That experience made me really passionate about using my resources to work on poverty alleviation. The longer I worked on these things, the more I realized that an app that helps people see the impact of their gifts was missing. So, I founded DonorSee!

Me: What is the "genius" behind DonorSee?

Gret: I've written in detail about what makes us different here, but the basic idea is that DonorSee gets better the more that we grow. This is very different than most charities, which actually get more inefficient and wasteful the bigger they get. Our platform also offers the best way for givers to see the direct impact of their money through raw video updates. There's nothing else like it.

Me: How were you able to gain the financial support necessary to launch DonorSee?

Gret: I had to fundraise it through investors! I sold a part of DonorSee's equity so that I could hire the developers and marketing team necessary to get it launched.

Me: DonorSee is still an incredibly new application, but what major successes have you already seen with this app?

Gret: That's right, we're just about 7 months old! But our launch has been incredible. One of my favorite things to share is that we're already in over 50 countries (! What other charity app do you know that's able to spread to so many countries that fast? We're very proud of that. :-)

Me: Have you personally visited all the countries that DonorSee is currently reaching?

Gret: I wish! I've been to a lot of them, but it's already spread way beyond my personal network, which is a good thing - it means more people are getting help! 

Me: Where do you plan to take this organization within the next 2-5 years?

Gret: I want DonorSee to be a household name. I think everyone in America should have the experience of giving $5 overseas and seeing how big of an impact it makes with our video updates. The faster we get the word out, the better!

Click here to contribute to another great project on DonorSee!

And feel free to read more about Gret's amazing endeavors on his blog and Instagram page. You're in for a whirlwind of inspiration!