Connecting With My Loved Ones Through T-Mobile

Connecting With My Loved Ones Through T-Mobile

Lately, I've been reflecting on how fragile our lives really are. All it takes is one freak accident to change our entire livelihoods and affect the people we love most.. I know these thoughts can seem somewhat morbid, and perhaps they have been spurred by my recent accidents, but they are also very realistic thoughts. I've had the misfortune of experiencing way too many losses in my short 25 years of life, so I know just how fragile life can be. One minute, you can be quarreling about whether you should have American or Chinese for lunch. The next minute, you're wishing you made more of an effort to be kind and thoughtful to those you love because they're unwell or, God forbid, not there anymore.

I know these feelings all too well, so when Easter rolled around, I knew I couldn't take any chances. The cliches are true, guys. Call your mom, she misses you. Call your aunties and tell them they're beautiful. Call your significant other and hear about their day. Just reach out and call.

Because the one person I wish I could call most isn't here anymore, but every time I pick up my phone to call a loved one, I feel comforted knowing that he would approve of my actions. That person is my dad. He passed from stomach cancer when I was 12 years old. One of the comforting things for me was that I got to use his cellphone and inherit his phone number when he passed. I still have that same phone number till this day. The funny thing is that I still get calls from his old business partners once in a while because they had it saved under his name.

But anyhow, remember to make time to call those you love.


T-Mobile has been consistently serving my family for almost two decades. From the *ancient days* when the only cellphones were used was the Nokia brick phone (who knows what I'm talking about?), T-Mobile had already been our go-to. They've been getting better and better every year and we can't imagine trusting another provider with our calls.


Right now, we're currently on a family plan of five people. Everyone is happy with their unlimited service, which of course includes the international data roaming and T-Mobile Tuesday deals! If you sign up now, you can also get free Netflix on them, as well as four lines for just $40 each with unlimited internet and all the perks of having a great service provider.


When it comes to staying in touch with your loved ones, don't leave it to chance. Do it now, and use a provider that you trust so the conversations can run smoothly without constant interruptions. Details like spotty service and dropped calls can really ruin an otherwise great conversation. Your provider should make you want to spend time on the phone with your loved ones, and T-Mobile does just that. They are great facilitators of meaningful conversations.

Thanks for reading my thoughts and spending some time with me! I'll update you guys regularly on my life with these personal posts from now on. I think it's good to be transparent! Have a wonderful week ahead, loves. ❤

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