DIY New Years Party (Ombre Balloon Wall, Pipe Cleaner Crowns, Wreaths, etc)


Since I wasn't in the country during New Years, I decided to celebrate with my girls a little later than usual... but the party turned out to be everything I imagined and more! We designed our own wreaths, made custom crowns out of gold pipe cleaners, and took photos with a DIY ombre balloon backdrop that I made the night before. It was so much fun!


This wall hanging is a part of my new collection, soon to come to the shop! Fun fact: I made cake for the party, but it MELTED?! So I opted for chocolate cookies instead. They were a great hit! However, since when do cakes melt? Mine started oozing from the bottom. Hmm..


Thanks to Pinterest, I got major inspo for my rustic table decor!


I made this ombre balloon wall out of cheap, clear tape. The trick is to tape most of the balloons to each other-- not to the wall. :) Only select a few large balloons to tape directly to the wall. You'll save yourself SO much time! I finished this whole thing in 2 hours. Here's the amazing little machine that helped me blow up all 80 balloons in about 5 minutes (not kidding):


After eating for a bit, we dove straight into arts & crafts time! I provided the wreath materials for the girls and we customized it ourselves. My dog, Gus, was pretty enamored by all the pretty girls in the room. He just couldn't get enough of them!


...So much so that he fell asleep right in the MIDDLE of our pile of materials. Silly boy!


Here's a list of the materials I bought for this DIY:


In addition to wreaths, we also made our own crowns using gold pipe cleaners. I lovee seeing everyone's different take on their crafts! Btw, in the picture below, Maya looks like she has a missing tooth because of the berry. LOL!


We had a great time evaluating each other's designs, LOL! Mine was a sunflower, Emily was the pope, Christy was the Queen of Abstract, and Sasa was the ice queen "Elsasa."


And here are our awesome wreaths! Look how unique and beautiful they all are!


I kept mine pretty basic, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out!


Take a look at ms. Evelyn's gorgeous design!


My friends are the best!


And then my mom dropped in unexpectedly with this HNY hat she miraculously found somewhere around the house! What a joy!


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