Rustic-Industrial Vibes with Cstudio Bedding

Rustic-Industrial Vibes with Cstudio Bedding

Bed decor is something I'm extremely passionate about, as you can probably tell from my Instagram. Our moods are highly impacted by our environment, so even if you don't care much about your room or home decoration in general, you should still make some healthy changes for the sake of your mental health. I'm not saying that nice bedding will cure you of depression; I'm saying that if you survive on a constant on-the-go lifestyle, coming home to a beautiful sanctuary will help you feel a lot more at ease and inspired.

I, for one, am extremely motivated by my environment. Even when I lived in a tiny, 520 sq ft studio, I still put in the effort to turn it into an inspiring space so I can look forward to spending time at home. Now that my blog and IG career has supplemented my income enough to move into a 940 sq ft downtown apartment, I feel almost indebted to my followers to create a beautiful and inspiring space.

When it comes to bedroom decor and more specifically, the bedding itself, I always turn back to Cstudio Home. They have all types of pillow covers, bedsheets and comforters. No matter when design season I'm in, I can always turn back to their website for the exact style that I'm looking for. I seriously have a storage full of their bedding products at this point. SO addicted!! Here are my current favorite pillows:

They're from the Carlotta collection and yes, I own all three! Totally perfect for those boho vibes. But... since I'm currently into the rustic-industrial feel, I styled them with my pallet bed:

DSC01082 2.JPG

Totally cute, right?! The wrinkled pink quilt was also from them. I'll link it here

Aside from those boho Carlotta pillows, I'm also super in love with my macrame pillow and woven shag pillow. Goes so well with the pink quilt and pallet bed, right?!!?


Btw, the throw blanket featured above is their Distressed Cotton Blanket in mushroom. Here's another shot of it!


I told you guys... I literally have a storage full of Cstudio products because I'm obsessed! LOL! But can you blame me? There's a bedding piece of EVERY style that I want to achieve. As for now, I'm going to stick to my beloved rustic-industrial vibes. I think Ollie likes it, too.

Feel free to follow Cstudio on Instagram for more bedding inspo! They always partner with the most creative people so I personally follow them to get some awesome ideas! :)

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