Exploring the Castello di Amorosa in Napa Valley

The Castello Di Amorosa in Napa Valley is a sight to behold. Built around twenty years ago, this enormous winery boasts 170 acres of Tuscany-like vineyards and a gorgeous, Italian medieval castle. Most of the wine is stored under the castle in a complex maze of cellars. The wine here was fantastic. If you're ready for the virtual tour of a lifetime, keep scrolling!

The majesty of this castle lies in its fine details. I felt like a princess strolling around in my flowy Zaful sundress!

There were even farm animals in the front lawn! They were absolutely adorable. Pictured above, you can see our fury friends munching on some dried olive branches.

Here shows the incredible details of their dining room. The walls were all painted by hand! The intricate ceiling reminded me of Berkeley's Morrison Library. This dining room was one of my favorite sites in the castle.

What's a medieval castle without torture devices and knights in not-so-shining armor? :P

I was amazed by the depth of the underground structure! It seemed as though the underground was even larger than the actual castle itself. PS- There was actual wine in those barrels! Everything you see isn't just for display - they will be bottled and sold once they're ready.

This was my second favorite room. The air was brisk with the intoxicating fumes of Merlot and Cabernet. 

Our tour guide, Kimberly, led us to an interesting underground bar after the tour for an amazing wine tasting experience. We tried 12 flavors in total and opted to buy four of our favorite whites and reds. The funny wine heads were a nice touch! :P

After leaving the wine tasting bar, you encounter this beautiful gift shop, filled with things that screamed Napa Valley: organic soap bars, olive oil, handsome books about wine, and some cheeseboard ingredients.

Every part of this castle was photogenic, but I'd say the hallways were my fave. The ladies who were standing to my right while I took this photo kept saying, "I like her dress!" in Vietnamese. I wish I could've given them the link right then and there! LOL! But if you want the comfy sundress, click here.

I risked my life for this photo.

Oh yes, there were also good boys everywhere! This frenchie's name was Tugboat! <3

What's a Napa castle adventure without some cheesy couple photos? We tried, guys..

Me: Just smile and pretend the camera's not there.

Him: *Does it perfectly on the first try*

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Dress from Zaful*

How to Spend One Day in LA (For Foodies)

If you ever visit LA and only have one full day to explore, these are my top recommendations! Los Angeles is an incredibly diverse city with all the best restaurants in the west coast, so it would only make sense to get a taste of LA while you're out exploring :). I hope you'll enjoy my little adventure! 

I'm a firm believer of eating desserts for breakfast, so if you're like me, kick off your LA adventure at Wanderlust Creamery in Glendale :). They are known for their ube waffle cones and unique flavors, such as mango sticky rice and thai milk tea. My favorite was the matcha and black sesame seeds ^_^. So yummy!!

After you get your delicious ice cream cones, head on over to LA's Arts District to check out the Hauser & Wirth Museum! It's completely free and totally awesome :). 

I got a little distracted with these cacti but I hope you can see why, lol!

This is the lounge area inside Hauser & Wirth :). There's even a restaurant bar to keep you nice and refreshed!

The famous giant rose in the museum patio! It's growing out of my hair bun...

Isn't Maya so gorgeous?!

This is their main installation, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's interactive, thoughtful, and well put-together. I felt like it called out the aggressiveness of outbound marketing (commercials, billboards, pop-up ads, and other forms of interruptive marketing). I'm not entirely sure if this was what the artist wanted to communicate, but coming from a marketing background, that's what occurred to me at first glance :).

In the back of the museum lies a chicken coop and an outdoor garden. It's a very chill place indeed!

Hauser & Wirth is pretty small, so after you walk through the museum, feel free to check out the rest of Arts District! There are murals on every corner, as expected! :)

This is Poketo, one of my favorite little shops in the area!

Another unique store with beautiful interior decor :)

Phew! After all that walking around, you must be tired! Time to stop by Sunny Blue for some amazinggg handmade rice balls! 

As delicious as these rice balls were, they didn't fill us up... so we went and got some Korean fried chicken at OB Bear! It's now one of my favorite places ever ^_^ 

Since you're already so close to Santa Monica at this point, just bring your delicious Korean fried chicken to the beach and have a picnic!

You might be wondering why we're only posing with the chicken and not eating it... don't worry. There were only two wings left by the end of this photoshoot, LOL! 

What's a beach trip without some fun in the water? ^_^

That's all for today's adventure! I hope you'll have a blast in LA from morning to sunset :). Feel free to like this post or leave a comment below if it helped you in any way!

Thank you to EcoWish for our beautiful rompers! They are so comfortable and trendy!! You can purchase them here.

Exploring the Wildlife Learning Center

What's a better way to spend your Saturday morning than to check out the local wildlife center? I'm absolutely enamored by this sweet attraction! I bought tickets to the Wildlife Learning Center on Groupon a few months ago and I finally got the chance to visit today. I had a great time! And I was surprised to learn that it was literally right off the 210 freeway! It was interesting to see cars zooming by on the freeway while giraffes and zebras freely roam by LOL. It was the perfect place for kids and adults who love animals!

My sista and I were pretty giddy with excitement to see what's in store-- and we were not disappointed!

One of the first animals we saw was this gorgeous blue-and-yellow macaw. He was free to roam around as he pleased :).

*WARNING* From this point on, there are going to be a lot of *nopes* xD

This green snake was named Mortey... he cracks me up! Just look at that face LOL! "Just kill me."

And take a look at our chubby amphibian friends here! Above, you have the African bullfrog. He was the biggest frog I've ever seen! African bullfrogs actually spend most of their time underground, waiting for the rainy season to come. Below, you have the crazy looking Red Tegu, named Sweetcheeks. They're from Argentina and are omnivores like us!

Above are the bundles of *nopes*. Below is Daisy Mae, the Reticulated Python. She can lay up to 60 eggs at a time and her species can grow up to 25 ft-- holding the record as the longest specie of snake in the world. 

These are the shed skins of various reptiles. And, if you can tell, I'm trying very hard to display my Good Works bracelets in those photos. I'm not even going to beat around the bush-- Good Works is now one of my favorite social-conscious brands! They make the cutest accessories and 25% of their proceeds go directly to funding clean water projects and building schools for the needy. Check them out

Aren't these squirrel monkeys the cutest furballs you've ever seen?! I wanted to cuddle them ^_^.

Above is the adorable fennec fox. ❤❤❤

Some cute bobcats basking in the SoCal warmth ^_^.

Here is mister (or missus) ombre sloth! He/she was doing a really funny dance while hanging on the ceiling. I loved it!

Yep, you're seeing it right. BALD EAGLES are at this Wildlife Learning Center! WHAT?! They were absolutely huge birds. Much magnificent. I had never seen a bald eagle in person before, much less two of them. Majestic wows.

They also had HUGEEE Sulcata tortoises. I had a Sulcata once while I was in college. He was about the size of my palm. If I kept him, he would've grown up to be as big as these guys! The largest was about 3 ft in length. My goodness.

The loner tortoise xD

This was right before I heard, "Miss, please don't touch the tortoises." Whoops x)

On the way out, you can even grab yourself a pet rock! Hah! 

I had such a lovely time at the Wildlife Learning Center with my sister. I highly recommend that you bring your loved ones here for a nice and chill day out! It's all super kid-friendly, completed with animal meet-and-greets (which we couldn't stay for), and all sorts of neat programs. 

Check out Good Works and get your own feel-good bracelet here!

A Visit to the Museum of Ice Cream

I took my mom to the famous pop-up Museum of Ice Cream after hearing so many great things about it, and it definitely did not disappoint! It can be difficult to buy tickets because they sell out in minutes, so I recommend that you just buy them on Craigslist! ^_^ Even celebrities like Beyonce and her adorable family came here for a fun Mother's Day celebration. Needless to say, my mom had a blast!

One of the cool perks about this museum, aside from the interactive installations, is the fact that you get to try different flavors of ice cream and candies throughout! They were actually really yummy :)!

I don't know if this was the intended concept behind this whole museum, but it felt as though visitors were meant to be a part of the art itself. EVERYONE who comes here takes tons of selfies and photos because this place was just made for it. As a result, we become the very artwork of consumerism itself. I felt like I was oddly exploiting myself, but in a really "woke" way. LOL!

Mi madre and I ❤ How GORGEOUS is this wallpaper?! I kind of want it for my own room ^_^.

Of course, I had to use this opportunity to rock my EcoWish tropical romper! It kinda matches the background, too!

I think I liked this flavor the most! I totally forgot what it was called, but I'm determined to find out because it was delicious.

No idea how they hung up soo many friggin bananas! But I love it!!

Mamabear ❤ heheh

We get a handful of gummy bears at the gummy bear exhibit! ^_^

Charcoal flavored cookie dough on an ice cream cone ❤_❤

This was the mint room! The mint herbs were planted in cocoa soil-- mmm!!

I think the sprinkles pool was my favorite exhibition. Imagine jumping into a shallow pool of fine rice. It felt so funny!

We ended the night with some tacos at the taco truck parked right behind the museum (smart move, taco guys)! Without exaggerating by any means, these were the softest, juiciest tacos I've ever had. Three of them was enough to make me full-- and that never happens! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our fun adventure at the Museum of Ice Cream! Feel free to give this post a "like" if you thought it was entertaining or helpful in some way! ^_^

Outfit: Tropical romper by EcoWish. Comfortable, fashionable, and affordable!

A Day at the Monrovian Street Fair


If you ever visit Old Town Monrovia, be sure to go on a Friday because the street fair is poppin! There's plenty of delicious, handmade treats from local businesses, fresh farm flowers, live music, entertainment for the kids, and so many affordable trinkets and clothing items! It's a fair and a farmer's market combined. The best part? It's there every Friday starting at 7 pm. Bring the whole family and have some fun!


Take a look at this full size rock climbing wall! I bet the view from up top is just spectacular. I wasn't brave enough to climb, though! xP


Face painting is always available. How beautiful is this little girl?!


Freshly popped kettle corn 😍  Yes, please!


And there's my favorite... fresh farm flowers! These sunflowers were only $1 each! :O


I loved them all so much! Each bundle was only around $4-$6. Soo worth it!


Special thanks to Allegra K for my ultra comfy jeans! These were literally my first pair of high-rise jeans and they are SO soft and stretchy. You guys know how important comfort is to me, and these were able to withstand a whole day of walking around town!


Adorable succulents and actual blueberries (below)!! What could be better?!


These doggos were LIFE! I giggled so many times watching all the goofy woofers make their rounds at the street fair. 


Crystals, jewelry, decor, and all sorts of handmade goods were present-- as always!


The sunflower was only a dollar, so I couldn't help myself! Such a fun day at the street fair. 


And what better way to top off the night than with tacos and a movie? We watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 after feasting on these 99 cent tacos!


My friend, Maya, found a pretty wall near the taco joint, so I decided to twirl around in my Allegra K jeans for a picture! I only endorse products that I love, and I definitely love these jeans. I've been wearing Allegra K for quite some time now, so I'm a pretty huge fan of their products. Find yourself the perfect outfit from Allegra K for your next trip to the Monrovia street fair! ❤

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*This post was sponsored by Allegra K; all opinions are my own.

3 Insta-Worthy Locations in San Gabriel Valley!


San Gabriel Valley isn't the first thing people think of when they want to take Instagram-worthy photos, but there are so many gems in this valley that you really don't want to miss! The cool stuff aren't just in downtown LA-- they're right in our hometowns. So, if you're ever in the valley, stop by these places to eat delicious meals and take all the photos your heart desires! :)

1. The Promenade at Westfield Santa Anita

Santa Anita just opened a beautiful outdoor food court near Nordstrom, with murals and interactive props for Instagrammers like us. This was a brilliant renovation on their part because it's bringing so many young people back to the mall (online shopping took over for a while). Head over to the Promenade at Santa Anita on an empty stomach so you can spend the afternoon eating soft-shell crab hamburgersmatcha ice cream, shop till you drop, and take a ton of fun photos with the props!


Indoors was beautiful as well! I loved their vibrant butterfly origami exhibition. 


Shout out to Urban CoCo for my super comfortable teal dress!

2. Old Town Pasadena

Old Town Pasadena is hands-down one of my favorite go-to places for food, fun, and photography! Trust me, guys. There are so many great nooks here for a photoshoot. I only captured one alleyway in these photos, but you can visit the historical landmark/city hall or just take a stroll down Colorado and discover a completely hidden photo site on your own. In Old Town Pasadena, it's actually hard to find a non-photogenic spot.


If you look closely, you'll see that the girl right behind me was taking photos as well. Lol! 


Once again-- just a random little alleyway that we came across. Love it!!


You can finish your trip at the refreshing Intelligentsia cafe. I love their matcha latte and desserts!!


You can purchase my cold shoulder crop top here!

2. The Huntington Library

This place was so incredibly photogenic that I created a blog post just for it! You can check it out HERE! This estate stretches across 120 acres of land, which is 1.5 times the size of Disneyland! You'll get to see gardens from around the world: Australia, Japan, Europe, China, and a dozen more. I actually created a video of my Huntington adventures as well. You can view it here!


As you can see, the scenery changes drastically from one garden to the next!


I hope you got some great ideas for your next photoshoot! 

You can shop my outfits below! I'm definitely all about comfort when I travel and these ensembles were incredibly soft and photogenic! Plus, they come in a variety of different colors. Three birds with one stone:

Amazing Gardens at the Huntington Library


The Huntington Library in San Marino boasts a 120-acre estate with more than fifteen different gardens that capture nature's beauty from all around the world. One minute, you're sitting in a zen garden, enjoying the serene Ginkgos of Japan. A few steps away, you're wandering amidst the giant Eucalypti of Australia. Yet, no matter where you seem to go, every corner of this massive estate is unbelievably picture worthy. Be sure to charge your cameras!


We started our journey getting lost in the massive Desert Garden, where there were literally hundreds of different types of gorgeous desert foliage. It was otherworldly! 


I felt as though I was walking on a different planet. The variety of shapes and textures of these plants was almost dizzying!


I also found one of my favorite cacti here! The first time I saw this beautiful, prickly guy in person was in Sonoma County. Its color scheme still makes me swoon:


Yellow seems to be one of the most prominent colors at the Desert Garden. I'd say it's a perfect rendition of our California desert!


The last time I saw blooms like these, I was at the Lake Elsinore Super Bloom!


So many intriguing textures! Don't they look like alien plants?


These patterns were amongst my favorites:


And then, of course, you have my mom being, well, mom. xP ❤


What a unique teal color for a desert flower!


This bush produced bright GREEN florals! Super intense:


She wanted to hug the cactus against my better judgment xP


Time to move on to the Palm Garden!


Mom said I look like I'm sitting there waiting for a mate x).


This gorgeous, summery boho dress was provided by Urban CoCo. ❤


I was so taken aback by all the unique trees at the Huntington Library! It seemed like everywhere I turned, there begged a natural tourist attraction.


After crossing over the Australian Garden, which I'd forgotten to photograph, here is the famous Japanese Garden! Such a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


This was their beautiful rendition of Kyoto's bamboo grove. 


Next, we headed to the Rose Garden. Mesmerizing colors, I tell you!


The photos just don't do it justice. I wish you were there to see it in person with me!


My flowy boho dress was from Urban CoCo in the "orange" pattern. It also comes in a ton of different patterns, so have fun shopping!! You can click on the images below to purchase the boho dress:

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Revive Retreat at Forest Home in Running Springs, CA


Over the weekend, my church and I had a spectacular young adults retreat up in Running Springs! We lodged at Forest Home's Lakeview cabins and experienced quality time with God in the most serene environment ever. A huge shout out to Forest Home for providing such a special place of worship for churches worldwide!


Fun fact: Billy Graham (the renowned evangelist) had an encounter with God right at this rock in Forest Home; an experience that eventually transformed his life, ministry, and the eternities of the millions of people he preached to thereafter. All of Graham's doubts and theological questions about the Scriptures were resolved as he committed himself to believing God's Word wholeheartedly. As the Spirit moved, Graham cried, “Father, I am going to accept this as Thy Word—by faith! I’m going to allow faith to go beyond my intellectual questions and doubts, and I will believe this to be Your inspired Word!” 

Photo source: BillyGraham.org

Photo source: BillyGraham.org

I was assigned the first cabin with my best friends and the view was absolutely breathtaking. Mornings were icy cold with a particular crispness that's completely foreign to SoCal. From our cabin, we saw massive amounts of snow piling down the mountain crevices. Below it all was a solemn, blue-green lake. I've been to Lakeview three times and it still sweeps me away.


In the summer, the lake is filled with festivities: canoeing, blob jumping, floating trampolines; the works. In the colder seasons, the lake acts as a point of reflection for contemplating campers. The beautiful campgrounds also have other activities that run throughout every season, such as archery, ziplines, an obstacle course, a giant swing, and more. 


These are my two best friends:


I had the privilege of heading the decorations apartment, so here's what our mini stage looked like:


The paper peony was handmade by yours truly! Tutorial coming soon!! :P


And here is our adorable worship team:


During solitude hour, we each retreated to our own serene corner of the camp to pray and spend time with the Lord. To accommodate, the usher team and I set up little "picnic stations" around the lake to make the experience more comfortable for everyone.


Each station consisted of a Mexican falsa blanket and a tray with the essentials: a bible, pen, and notebook.


I spent solitude hour walking around the campgrounds and just taking in all my wonderful blessings, and then I stumbled across this cuteness:


It's a contemplating dinosaur!


This was the same dinosaur we encountered earlier in the day:


Just hatched and already terrorizing the innocent campers! It's a good thing solitude hour gave her the space she needed to reflect on her violent dinosaur ways. 


A few feet away from the contemplating dinosaur was this gorgeous chapel:


I couldn't believe my eyes! The architecture was absolutely stunning.


And then I came across this awesome scenic spot... and obviously couldn't get enough of it xP


It's not everyday you get to have that majestic view as your background!


...And then came our competitive group photoshoot during golden hour. LOL!


I was unhappy because we had lousy poses compared to the boys.


How did they come up with this one? So weird and yet extremely entertaining.


And then we got photobombed by a pastor-- er-- kangaroo?


Infinity signs. So basic.


It definitely can't beat this masterpiece:


"What pose should we do?!"

"Gossip Girl."


*Doesn't think twice about their poses; just instinctively got in formation*


Again, we got photobombed T_T


So now comes our obligatory fake laughing photos to make it seem like we're having so much fun.


But the boys were actually laughing because... there were holes in my pants. -_-


The three mice ❤. When I first became serious about my faith, I was praying fervently to God for godly best friends because I didn't have that kind of friendship with anyone. Soon after, the Lord brought us three together-- one Vietnamese, one Korean, and one half Pinay chick became best friends in a predominantly Indonesian church. It was def. God-ordained LOL!


At night, we gathered around the campfire to roast marshmallows and enjoy each other's company.


As beautiful as the campgrounds were, my favorite parts about the Revive Retreat were getting to connect with all of my closest friends and learning so much more about God's relentless pursuit of me. What an indescribable joy!! 


I hope you enjoyed my adventures up in Running Springs! If you ever get the chance, you should definitely book a trip to Forest Home. They have amazing facilities and their camp food is actually DELICIOUS. You'll have a grand time-- guaranteed. 

"I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart." -Ezekiel 36:26

4 Unique Places to Visit in the Bay Area

From San Mateo to South San Francisco, I found some awesome and unique places up north to share with you guys! I went to school up here so the touristy areas just doesn't do it for me anymore. If the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf are both old news to you, then you've come to the right place. Get ready to have the perfect day exploring NorCal!

1. Eat chicken and waffles at Tigerlily (Berkeley)

This place has the coolest atmosphere and the best chicken and waffles ever. Think soul food mixed with Indian cuisine. It's the perfect Berkeley combination. My mouth is still watering looking at those perfectly crispy chicken, fluffy waffles, and creamy tika masala sauce. Even though they kind of skimped out on the chicken, Tigerlily was still an extraordinary dining experience. You have to try it!


2. Explore the Purisma Creek Redwoods Reserve (Redwood City)

After eating that incredible meal, we decided to go for a walk amongst the gorgeous redwoods. If you're up north, you've just got to check out these gigantorrr trees. The experience is pretty surreal. Purisma Creek is a little difficult to navigate, but the entire ride is filled with gorgeous scenery, so take your time! There are also banana slugs everywhere! I love this place.


3. Catch the rainbow at Crystal Springs (San Mateo)

San Mateo seems to rain quite a bit during fall, winter, and spring, so finding a rainbow across Crystal Springs is a pretty regular occurrence. The experience was profoundly calm, peaceful, and serene. Take a book with you down to Sawyer Camp Trail, where you'll be right next to the water, and you'll be set!

A hauntingly beautiful view

A hauntingly beautiful view

4. Eat fancy sushi at Koo

Alright, Koo is officially my new favorite sushi restaurant of all time. Considering how much we ordered, we only paid around $50 each-- which is what we usually pay at "cheaper" sushi restaurants anyway. The experience was insane. I hardly ever use that word to describe food, but damn, that Spoonful of Happiness (the actual name of the dish) blew me away. I had to convince my sister to eat it faster because she was savoring every bite and it took forever! Hahaha. Not to mention, the location was absolutely perfect-- tons of surrounding restaurants and cool SF things to play with, like this random swing at the street corner :). Make sure to book your reservations before you go to Koo! 


If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it with your friends and subscribe! I update my adventures pretty often, so you don't want to miss out! :) Have you been to any of these palces before? If so, how was your experience?

6 Bucket List Things to Do in Sonoma and Napa


Sonoma and Napa are known for their picturesque wineries and luscious vineyards, but having experienced that side of wine country before, my sisters and I decided to show you a more low-key facet of the beautiful places. Be prepared for a chill day full of spontaneous explorations and quirky discoveries! Feel free to pin whatever catches your eye. ^_^

1. Hunt for hipster treasures

We parked in a convenient little parking lot leading to Old Town, where the walk to the nearest restaurant was filled with hipster treasures left and right. Meet our first guest, Jerry the ultra-cute Volkswagen! 


At this point, the owner came out to greet us and told us a little bit about Jerry. Everyone we met was so nice, and the best part about being in hipster town is that everyone understands when you take pictures with the most mundane things. They even offer to take your picture for you! See below:


Then, we ran into this vibrant pink cactus. I've only ever seen these plants on Instagram! I didn't know it was actually pink in person! I thought it was only the Instagram filters D: What a cool cactus!


The color patterns are just so mesmerizing, isn't it?!


Of course, we got a little goofy after circling the cactus for a while... 


It was a gangsta cactus.


2. Visit fair trade & handmade boutiques

Being the bohemian style enthusiast that I am, I felt right at home in these boutiques! I highly recommend Global Heart Fair Trade. There, you'll find handmade pine needle baskets, kilim handbags, global textiles, felted mobiles, and so much more-- all sourced from around the world. It was glorious!


These baskets were strikingly gorgeous!!


Who would've thought to make handbags out of wool pillows?! I'm obsessed.


This interesting plate was made in Vietnam using folded magazine papers!


Two words: Indian fabric <3


Handmade baby mobiles :) straight out of Etsy!


3. Explore historical buildings

If you walk around E. Spain St., you'll find quite a bit of these photogenic, historical buildings near Mission San Francisco Solano. There are also friendly tour guides everywhere, so feel free to ask them about this gorgeous establishment!


My sisters are way too thug D:


4. Try Sweet Scoops Homemade Ice Cream

*Droooool* I got the coconut flavored ice cream and it was so good. Lots of coconut chunks in every bite. They were definitely not stingy with the ice cream, either! If you're roaming around Sonoma on a hot day, stop by Sweet Scoops for a refreshing taste of homemade ice cream!


We really enjoyed the ice cream! LOL


5. Eat at The Girl & The Fig

With more than 2500 reviews and a solid 4/5 stars, The Girl & The Fig was the perfect brunch spot for our hungry tummies. 


I love my sisters!!


For starters, we got: duck liver mousse, toast, fries, and buttery, steamed mussels. Mmmm... To be fair, we only ordered the duck liver and mussels but everything else came with it. Not complaining! ^_^


For entrees, we shared the steak (ordered medium rare but got well done lol), gnocchi, and the pork belly sandwich. All were super duper good, including the steak, but it wasn't done the way we ordered.


The venue was particularly enticing. So many photo ops here!


6. Explore the Oxbow Public Market

The Oxbow Public Market is a sacred gathering for the hip and hungry. It's a fantastic indoor market that has everything from oysters to books-- all within a few steps from each other. If you've never been inside Oxbow, you've got to give it a visit!


Mushroom heaven...


Free chocolate tasting <3


If you do visit Oxbow, don't skip out on the Hog Island Oysters! It's always a huge favorite among locals and tourists alike. 


Shucking oysters live! Kind of entertaining when you're waiting in line for a seat.


I recommend getting the clam chowder here. So. Good.


We are happy indeed. ^_^


Thanks for following us on this adventure! I hope you had just as much fun as we did. If you've ever visited Sonoma County or Napa Valley, I'd love to hear all about your adventures below!

5 Creative Ways to Have Fun at the Lake Elsinore Super Bloom!


My mom and I visited the Lake Elsinore super bloom over the weekend and we had some major fun! If you're thinking about checking it out, go soon because these California poppies won't be around past April! Here are some important details that will help you have a great time:

  • California poppies love the sun, so the petals stay closed on cloudy days and in the evenings. Don't come too late!
  • Don't make the same mistakes I did... wear comfortable shoes because these flowers are on the mountainside!
  • There are beautiful patches of flowers all along the 15 N near Lake Ave, so don't feel the need to go all the way up Walker Canyon :)
  • If you forgot your selfie stick, don't worry. They sell it up there. LOL!

Without further ado, let's dive into this adventure! 5 creative ways to have fun at the super bloom:

1. Have a photoshoot

This one's a no-brainer, but if you're surrounded by gorgeous blooms, why not include yourself in the picture?! If there's any backdrop that will get you past the 100-like mark, it's this one ;)!


2. Brush up on your landscape photography skills

It's not every day that we get to see bright, wild patches of our state flower pop up on the luscious hillsides, especially after a long drought! Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your landscape photography skills :)!


3. Have a picnic

Since this place is right off the 15 North, there's not too much walking and trekking involved. Feel free to bring your picnic basket and have a blast!


Just watch where you sit. I sat directly on a sharp rock (pictured below) because it was hidden underneath the grass :(. It almost punctured my butt cheek.


4. People watch

If there's one thing more interesting than these beautiful blooms, it's the people interacting with it! While enjoying our picnic, my mom and I saw several people taking selfies with drones (pictured below), a girl who frolicked in the flowers for a photo and got chased by bees, and a guy who brought a bubble machine to create manual bubble effects for his pictures, just to name a few. It was so fun to watch everyone enjoy themselves!

A couple taking a selfie via drone

A couple taking a selfie via drone

A guy using a bubble blower to add cool manual effects

A guy using a bubble blower to add cool manual effects

5. Make a flower crown

With the abundance of wildflowers available, why not make a flower crown (or even a wreath)!? I should warn you, though, that the California poppy is a state flower and should be left alone unless you want to risk a small fine. Does anyone know if these hills count as state property? Anyhow, I picked a few weeds and purple wildflowers growing on the side of the road to make this little flower crown :).


That's all! Feel free to pin this post if you want! I can't wait to see your photos at the super bloom!

Venice Canals

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, ya'll! Mom and I decided to be tourists in our own county and explored the notorious Venice Canals! Yep, we basically spent Thanksgiving dreaming about living in one of these multi-million dollar homes, lol. No regrets.

When you're here, take advantage of the location and check out what's nearby! It's close to everything-- Venice Beach, the Boardwalk, the Mosaic Tile House, you name it! Anyway, here's a splendid view of the Venice Canals:


I think we crossed all the bridges here because we were that intrigued. Lol!


This picture doesn't do it justice, but I can't even imagine how beautiful this backyard must look like at night. Do you see all of those old-town style lights hung under the enormous tree? What a poetic place to live. 


There were a few houses that bred ducks here. Amazing!


She thought of this pose first hahaha : ) I'm glad she had as much fun as I did.


Just a really weird flower bud :).


This was my favorite house on the block! It reminded me of Bali.


Hehe :) just another pose with another bridge. I love these white bridges.

Fun fact: This picturesque place made a cameo in the movie, Valentines Day.


How cool is this little art piece?!


This was definitely the most colorful house I've ever seen! I mistook it for a cafe at first.


And what's Thanksgiving without a proper dinner, right? Since we are hardcore Vietnamese folks, we decided to have Oc & Lau for dinner. Translation: Snails!! YUM LOL


Snails and clams have long been a huge part of the Vietnamese cuisine because our country is surrounded by water. The dish above is of the "bloody clam," which  isn't bloody at all, but is absolutely delicious. Trust me-- you HAVE to try it!!!


These are coconut-flavored snails :). What I would do to eat these all day...


Aaaand finally, the delicious, freshly grilled shrimp! These were kicking around before they were skewered and grilled D:. How sad!!...but delicious.

Welps, that's all for this year's Thanksgiving :). JUST KIDDING! You didn't really think I would've stopped eating after just one feast did ja? I hope not... Thanksgiving is a grand excuse to eat more than your own weight. I don't regret it in the least. May your holidays be filled with JOY and DELICIOUSNESS! 

*Pssst* Keep an eye out for more posts in the coming days! :)

Exploring San Francisco

Sometimes, you just need a mini-cation from the hustles and bustles of life. That's exactly what my sisters and I did this past weekend! We explored our beloved Bay Area and made the most out of our two-day Sabbath. Here's what we did!


We began our day with breakfast at Crepevine in Berkeley.


What I love most about our trip was the spontaneity of it. We were heading towards Muir Woods after breakfast, but it turns out that approximately ten million other people also thought it was a fun idea to go to Muir Woods, so we headed straight towards Stinson Beach. These photos were taken off the side of the road on the way to the beach!


I love my sisters so much. They are such valuable gifts from God!


Here's the quaint little beach town :).


Fresh sunflowers as decor? Too perfect.


There was even a lovely little bookstore in town!


Yuge :(


I'll be honest-- I wasn't reading. 


Chris was our designated photographer for the day!


The bookstore had this sweet little section in the back with unique hand cloths, Japanese pottery, and other gorgeous curated stuff.


Next, we headed to Golden Gate Park to find the famous Strawberry Swing. It was my first time exploring the park!


"He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us." -2 Corinthians 1:4


I found this luscious, green crevice inside the park.


...and then I heard something scurrying in the bushes. Second picture: Oh heck no!


What a gorgeous view! No wonder why this park is famous.


Onto Hayes Valley! Also my first time there. I thought, where have I been for the entire time I was in Berkeley?! 

Oh, yes. Studying...

Hahaha. Well, it's never too late to explore this part of the Bay!


Today is Andrea's birthday. She was probably the most driven teenager I've ever met when it comes to helping the lost encounter God (I say was because she's now 20!). Her heart for the weary is so admirable. Love you, Dre! Keep up the great work!




The night wouldn't be finished without sushi! We went to Live Sushi Bar for dinner. It was very rewarding indeed.


The most massive uni cluster in the world. It literally melted in my mouth like cotton candy. Seriously, I never had better quality uni for this amazing price. YUM.

For the second day, we all just veged out-- so no pictures were taken :). I hope you enjoyed my little trip to San Fran! Today is also the day we determine the course of our nation (at least for the next 4 years). May it all be in God's hands.

Have a beautiful week ahead!

5,000 Jack O' Lanterns

If you've never been to the RISE event, here's your sneak peek into the art installation. Altogether, there are more than 5,000 pumpkins hand-carved by talented artists and displayed for all of Los Angeles to see. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Aren't they all so meticulous?! There were just about pumpkins of every genre. 

Aren't they all so meticulous?! There were just about pumpkins of every genre. 

Sesame Street!

Sesame Street!

My favorite piece!

My favorite piece!


And the scariest pumpkin of all:


Hope ya'll had fun scrolling through these photos! Feel free to share this post with your friends and family :). Have a great Monday!