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Hi, there! I'm so glad you found your way to my blog. Thanks for checking it out!

My name is Anh Luu and I'm the main author of Girl & The Word. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in English in 2015 and now I work as a professional Copywriter and a part-time blogger.  If you can tell, I love to write about the Lord, but I also write quite a bit about travel and design. Not many blogs dare to combine faith, travel, and design into one platform because these are completely separate niches. Since I am genuinely inspired by all three topics and don't feel the need to choose between them, I'll continue to explore them with you. I hope you'll be inspired by what you find here at Girl & The Word!

Blessings, Anh.


My journey creating fiber art started when I was facing a chaotic time in life. I wrote frequently on my blog, but I knew I needed another therapeutic hobby that would distract me from all the craziness.

So, I searched the web for inspiration. When I came across a few photos of the brilliant macramΓ©, my heart nearly leapt out of my chest! They were all so gorgeous that it was difficult not to be inspired by them. I immediately bought crafting materials and went straight to work.

My first few collections sold so well that I decided to experiment with bigger, brighter, and more intriguing shapes and patternsβ€”and I’m still exploring all the possibilities till this day. Fiber art has become more than just a therapeutic hobby to me; it’s an expression of my desire to produce beauty and positivity in the world.

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